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About QueFM

Que FM was founded in 2012 by Joshua Aka Jahmann. For three years  QueFM being entertaining its fans worldwide 24 hours daily. QueFM and its Djs have won many awards around the world, including the most consistant radio award.

QueFM has its own sound system called Que High Power, we play almost every week somewhere around London, listen for our next big gig. 

Since we took to the air, every year without fail we play live in Jamaica. This year was even better than the one before, its just getting better and better. Planning is already underway for our next big show for December in Jamaica, so stay tune for more info.

At the moment we are playing absolutely the latest music from Jamaica that are not release in the UK yet.

We are an entertainment radio station, you can find us at various places like facebook, myspace, twitter, linkin and a lot more. We are also available on all devices including Jetstar TV set top boxes. We are the best in the world,so stay tune ,chill out and listen to the supreme sounds of QueFM

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